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Melbourne High School Crew Team Parents Association

Article 1                            Purpose

Article 2                            Meetings of Members

Article 3                            Membership, Dues and Fees

Article 4                            Board of Directors

Article 5                            Head Coach

Article 6                            School Sponsor

Article 7                            Rower Grades, Conduct,and Discipline

Article 8                            Amendments

 Article 1


1.1          Purpose     

The purpose of the Melbourne High School Crew Team Parents Association is to facilitate and support a Crew Team for the students of Melbourne High School.  The Association shall be responsible for raising funds necessary to provide the Team with the equipment necessary for training, practice and competition in racing events and arranging and/or providing transportation for the team and coach(s) to and from competitive racing events.


Article 2

Meeting of Members

2.1          Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the members of the Association shall be held in May of each year, at such time and place, as the Board of Directors shall specify.  An Annual Report shall be presented and elections shall be held for the following years Board of Directors.

 2.2          General Meetings

General meetings of the Parents Association will be held monthly, the date and time to be determined by the Board of Directors.  Special meetings of the members of the Association shall be held at the request of not less than one third of the membership or when called by the Board of Directors.  The meetings are open to Parent Association members in good standing and the Womenís and Menís Team Captains.

2.3          Quorum

Decisions shall be achieved by a simple majority vote in a general meeting which has been announced a week or more in advance of the meeting.  The decision of the majority of the Association families present shall be binding on all rowers and families in the Association.

2.4          Voting

One vote per Association family shall be accepted.  Only members in good standing shall vote.  If a parent cannot be present for voting, a written proxy vote, signed by same parent of the Association family, shall be accepted. When a General Meeting cannot be called during breaks or off-season, voting by e-mail, or phone when approved by the Board may be conducted.

 Article 3

Membership, Dues, and Fees

3.1          Membership

The Association shall consist of the parents of each rower that is current with his or her financial and Association responsibilities such as but not limited to: Fundraising, Transportation, and any other special assessments voted on by the Association members.  Membership is terminated when the rower is no longer a member of the team or as determined by the Board of Directors.  The Melbourne High School Sponsor and Head Coach and Assistant Coaches are also members of the Association.

 3.2     Parent Responsibilities

The parents of rowers shall be responsible for providing transportation to and from all practice sessions, supporting and participating in all fund raising activities and club activities, paying all dues and fees in a timely manner and participating on committees and club meetings.

3.3          Rower Participation

All required rower paperwork; rower registration fees and dues shall be current before the Rower may participate in any practice race or competition race.

3.4          Rower Registration and Dues/Fees

                     Rower Registration and Dues/Fees shall be determined annually by the Board of Directors to meet the reasonable financial needs of the Association and included in the income of the annual budget.  In accordance with Section 4.10F, the proposed budget shall be presented to the Association for approval at the first General Meeting in August.  All financial and fundraising requirements i.e. payment dates and amounts due shall be stated in the Membership Financial Requirement and presented to the Association for approval at the first General Meeting in August.

If a rower leaves the team and has notified the Head Coach, and has paid his or her fees in full for the semester, the rower may request that fees be returned on a prorated basis from the first day of the next month through the end of the semester i.e. if a rower leaves on Sept. 16th and has paid through the end of December, fees will be returned from October through December.  Donations to the Brevard School Foundation in lieu of fees will not be returned.  If the uniform is unused and returned, an attempt will be made by the association to sell the uniform to another rower.  That amount will also be returned upon the sale of the uniform.

 3.5          Transportation Fees


A -     Transportation fees will be assessed for each rower utilizing Association arranged transportation to and from any event.  Said fees shall be payable, in cash, to the Treasurer prior to the transportation activity.

B -     Rowers being transported by Association arranged transportation shall be responsible for prepaying transportation to and from the event even though transportation in only one direction may be utilized.

 C -     Transportation fees to and from events that are 75 miles or less from Melbourne shall be $5.00 total. Fees for events within the State of Florida that are greater than 75 miles from Melbourne shall be $10.00 minimum.  Transportation to and from other events shall be determined and assessed as required.

 D -     All rowers must be transported by the Association.  The Association will transport no persons other than team personnel.

 3.6          Additional Expenses

There may be additional expenses for each rower during the year.  Such expenses will be determined by the Board of Directors and discussed in a General Meeting of the Association.  Additional assessments shall not be made without a majority vote of those attending the General Meeting that the assessments are discussed.

 3.7     Fund Raising Activities

Fund raising activities shall take place throughout the year.  All rowers and parents are expected to participate as determined by the membership.  The Association, in a General Meeting(s), shall determine the responsibility and or liability of all rowers and rowersí parents for participation in fund raising activities.  Rowers and/or rower parents not participating in fund raising activities may be assessed a fee consistent with the rowers fair share of the activity.  All funds raised belong to the club, not individual rowers.

 3.8          Financial Assistance

All requests for financial assistance must be addressed to the Board of Directors to take under consideration.

Article 4

Board of Directors

4.1          Authority

The affairs of the Association shall be conducted under the supervision of the Board of Directors in such a manner and under the conditions as to carry out the purposes of the Association as set forth in these by-laws.  To that end, the Board of Directors shall:

A -          Be responsible for conducting all business pertaining to the operation of the Association.

B -          Have the authority to incur reasonable and normal debts and to pay reasonable and normal bills consistent with the accepted operation of the Association.  Any expenditure over $250.00 or fund raising activity, which will involve all or part of the rowers or Association, must be approved by the membership at a General Meeting.

C -          Actively solicit support from the local community governmental bodies, businesses and organizations in order to obtain funds, equipment and services to benefit the Crew Team.

D -          Appoint Committee Chairpersons, as required, to conduct the necessary business of the Association, The term of service of Committee Chairs shall be as determined by the board.

E -           Hire, evaluates and dismisses the Head Coach.

F -          Approve the annual budget for the Association and all other financial matters.

G -           Revise and amend these Bylaws.  All revisions and amendments shall be voted by the general membership at a General Meeting.

H -          Maintain a PO Box address for all official correspondence.  In order for continuity in receiving mail, all mail shall be sent to PO Box - not individualís private addresses.

J -           Maintain a checking account with a reputable bank in the area.  The Treasurer and at least one other Board member shall have the authority to write checks on the account.

K -          Maintain theft and damage insurance on all boats, motors and other associated equipment of significant value.

L -          Maintain liability insurance as required for participation in racing events and by the School Board of Brevard.

 4.2          Meetings

Regular meetings of the Board of Directors shall be monthly and at other times as the Board deems necessary.  Special meetings may be held at the call of the President, or at the written request of three members of the Board of Directors.  The time and place of the next regular meeting shall be decided at every Board meeting before adjournment, but the President shall specify the time and place of special meetings. 

 4.3          Quorum

A quorum of three of the five of the Board of Directors members is required to enact any business requiring a vote of the board.

 4.4     Board

The Board of Directors shall consist of the following positions:


        Vice President



        Melbourne High School Sponsor

 4.5          Elections

The President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be elected by the parents of rowers who are active participants of the Crew Team at the time of the General Election at the annual meeting in May.

 4.6     Term of Office

The term of office for the elected officers shall be for a period of one year, from the first day in June to the last day in May.

 4.7     The President

A -          Shall be the presiding officer at all Board and General Meetings.

B -          Shall be responsible for providing leadership to the Board and to the Association.

C -          Shall furnish a list of the Board of Directors to the Melbourne High School Administration upon their request.

D -          Shall, with the concurrence of the Board, establish the seasonís racing schedule.

E -          Shall insure that at least one Board member is present at every Crew event to represent the Association leadership.

F -          Along with the Head Coach, shall, at the beginning of the season, establish a clear understanding for the general crew program philosophy, the responsibilities of all involved and the methods for achieving the desired goals.

G -          Along with the Head Coach, shall establish the Practice (Head Race) Season and the Official Racing Season for the Team.

H -          Along with the Head Coach, shall establish the Safety Program.  Program shall include, but shall not be limited to: Supervision by two adults of all team activities on land and water excluding practices, Boat Safety Equipment, Safety on Trips, and a Buddy System.

 4.8     Vice President

A -          Shall be knowledgeable of all Association activities and shall be capable of assuming the responsibilities of the President whenever required.

B -          Shall be responsible for all Insurance matters.  For identifying and obtaining Liability Insurance for the Team and Equipment Insurance for the team equipment and any other insurance necessary.

C -          Shall be responsible for collecting and maintaining all Rowers forms required for members of team.

D -          Shall provide Notarized Rower Release forms for all rowers participating in races.  The forms shall be provided to the Head Coach or sent to the Race Committee as identified by the Head Coach.

E -          Shall provide notarized copies of the Medical Release forms to the drivers of the vehicles in which the rowers will be transported to and from racing events.

F -          Shall provide all information necessary to all drivers and to association parents who request the information, prior to departure to any activity requiring team transportation, in a timely manner.  Including but not limited to the following:

                    Schedule of Events, Map(s), Departure Time, Estimated Return Time, Emergency Phone Number, Special Instructions such as money required for food, special clothing, bag lunches, etc.

 4.9          Secretary

A -           Shall be both Recording and Corresponding Secretary of the Association.

B -          Shall be responsible for notifying the Association members of all General and Special Meetings, Race Schedule and fund raising activities.

C -          Shall be responsible for all general correspondence including Thank you notes, notices to the membership, newsletter distribution, etc.  All correspondence shall be conducted in a timely manner.

D -          Shall be responsible for recording the minutes of each meeting.  Typed copies shall be given to each Board member within two weeks of each meeting or at the next meeting, whichever comes first.

E -          Shall create and maintain a complete Team Roster.  The roster shall contain names of each rower, parent names, their addresses and phone number.

F -          Shall create and maintain a Telephone Tree for quick and effective communication with all members of the team and association.

 4.10          Treasurer

A -          Shall maintain the complete financial records of the Association.

B -          Shall make all deposits and payment of expenses in a timely manner.

C -          Shall be responsible for collecting all dues, fees and assessments due the Association from the members and parents of the team.

D -          Shall collect Transportation Fees as necessary, from each rower prior to departing for any activity requiring team transportation and shall appropriately distribute the fees collected to the drivers providing transportation. 

E -          Shall provide a monthly financial statement for the Board of Directors and to the Association at General meetings.

F -          Shall, with the assistance of the Board of Directors, create and maintain a budget pertaining to all financial activities of the Association.  The proposed budget shall be presented to the Association for approval at the first General Meeting in August.

G -          Shall present an Annual Treasury Report at the General Meeting in May.

H -          Shall serve as chair of the Fundraising Committee.


Article 5

Head Coach

5.1          Responsibilities

A -          Shall communicate to the Crew Team, in the best spirit of sportsmanship, his or her philosophy, methods and expectations toward establishing and maintaining the Melbourne High School Crew Team program.

B -          Shall outline to the Board of Directors in writing, at the beginning of the Fall Season, his or her plans to accomplish the following:

        Training methods and requirements

        Rower participation and attitude requirements

        Anticipated racing activities and events

        Safety procedures to be followed

        Disciplinary actions to be used

        Equipment needs

          When the Board of Directors approves these plans, the Coach shall publish and communicate the above information to all rowers and parents.

C -          Shall determine appropriate disciplinary actions to be taken against rowers for infractions of published rules.  Shall initiate minor disciplinary actions as deemed necessary.

D -          Shall bring all major disciplinary actions such as rower suspensions and/or dismissals from the team to the Board of Directors for approval.

E -          Shall determine and administer the rowing program.

F -          Shall communicate, at the least, weekly with the President.  Shall communicate any problems or needs at this time.

G -           Shall not be dictated to by the Association members or rowers how or when to coach.  Questions and comments individual members of the Association may have shall be presented to the coach during non-practice and non-race times.

5.2          Finances


A -          May be paid financial aid at the discretion of the Board of Directors.  If financial aid is paid, the amount of payment and the terms and length of service shall be mutually agreed upon by the coach(s) and the Association.

B -          Shall be reimbursed by the Association for all reasonable expenses incurred in relation to racing events.  This shall include, but shall not be limited to: a hotel room, if required; food; transportation; if required, etc.

C -          Shall procure items necessary to perform the duties consistent with the coaching position.  Such purchases shall include, but shall not be limited to, items such as gasoline for the launch, coaching materials, equipment repair materials, etc.  Prior consent of the Board of Directors shall be required for all items or group of items costing more than $100.00.  The Association shall reimburse the coach within 7 days of the submission of receipts, for all expenses incurred on behalf of the team.


Article 6

School Sponsor

6.1          Responsibilities

A -          The position of the Melbourne High School Sponsor shall be an ongoing position to be filled by a person identified by the Administration of Melbourne High School.

B -          The sponsor shall be the prime interface between the School Administration and the Association.

C -          The sponsor shall attend all Crew events such as races, Board of Director meetings, General meetings, and social events.

D -          The sponsor shall provide the Crew Program with continuity and guidance as required.

E -           The sponsor shall check with the guidance office every 9 weeks to verify minimum GPA requirements of the rowers.

F -           Upon request, the sponsor shall be reimbursed for expenses (gas, hotel) incurred in out of town races


Article 7

Rower Grades, Conduct and Discipline

 7.1          Grades       

A -          Rowers must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA for each 9-week period.  Failure to maintain this average will result in suspension from the team until the grade average is pulled up the next 9 weeks.  The rower will not be allowed to participate in any crew activity during the suspension period.  Failure to bring up your GPA after that will result in dismissal from the team. 

B -           A current roster will be submitted to the Director of Athletics to verify that all rowers meet the GPA requirement.

7.2          Conduct

A -          Students are representing Melbourne High School at all team activities (practices, races, fund-raisers, etc.).  Conduct yourself in a manner that will bring credit and respect to your school and team.

B -          The use of alcohol, tobacco or drugs at any time while representing Melbourne High School Crew Team will result in dismissal from the team.  This includes practice, races, fundraising activities and any club-sponsored event.

C -           Teamwork, cooperation and dedication is essential in the success of the team.  This requires all team members to show respect to the sponsor, coach(s), and other adults and to each other.  Disrespect to the sponsor, coach(s), adults, officers, and team members will not be tolerated.  Continued disrespect will result in suspension and or dismissal from the team.  

D -          When classes are missed due to a crew trip on a school day, all work must be made up (before the trip if possible).

E -          Rowers shall abide by the rules that have been published by the Head Coach and approved by the Board of Directors.

 7.3          Discipline

                    A -          Rowers shall accept disciplinary action(s) given by the Head Coach. 

B - A decision concerning the discipline of a rower shall be reviewed by the Board of Directors, if so requested by the rower or the parents of the rower.  The decision of the Board of Directors, with the Coach in attendance, shall be final.


Article 8


Any amendments to these by-laws must first be approved by the Board of Directors and by a majority vote in a General Meeting of the Association.


Meetings - Scheduled once a month on Tuesdays.  See meeting schedule.

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